TSX Wagon in Japan

Found this on some coverage from North America meeting Minivans

I still prefer the Accord front clip over the beak, but it looks good...

can I have a combo?

wait what? check out this Hakosute... a Stagea combine with the Hakosuka.   this was created back in around 2009 from the guys at Roadster Garage, it was featured in Custom Car magazine back in December 2009, and some how I just got eye on this of this now.

this was a kit that was offered by Roadster Garage that not only consist of the front end but the C10 crease on the sides to the back end of the that help house the C10 GT-R tails and Chrome bumper

oh yeah this build has the RB26DETT

the C10 GT-R tails and rear chrome bumper corners

If the shoe doesn't fit...

How to fit 17's on a Wagon R

cut yo fender!
And that, my friends, is how you fit your wheels AND super slam your Wagon R

big GREEN machine...

Cars from Hawaii is sure a different breed.  I need to take a trip out there, not only to site see but to check out some shops and cars.  I saw this a few weeks back and literally put it on blast on the FaceBook Fan Page.  Got a great response back and relay it back to the owner.

Wondering what am I talking about?  a boxy heavy looking Honda Element on custom air suspension. He can lay on the frame!!! and it's the all wheel drive with a 5 speed

I told him when I saw these pics, the 19's AME Shallen AX looks HUGE, but works oh so well

the specs of the wheels are:
Front -- 19 x9 Falkens 215/35/19
Rear -- 19 x 10 Falkens 245/35/19

the paint is the stock Honda green, but to spice it up they added some gold into the painting process, sure toss it off very well with the jet black 2 tone.

LOVE those wheels, something that is out the normal thoughts from an Element owner.

I was told there will be more shots coming my way once the interior is complete stage.  I am really super excited for it because I am wondering how he has his air setup.  He is running 3 - 5 gallon air tank along with  2 of each Viair 480 and 400 compressors. 

he got some shout outs to:
-Garage JS4KIX Honolulu Hawaii
-Affiliated Auto Works
-Rogue Three Industries
-LaidOut LifeStyle
Special thanks to Gary G., Thomas S. and the boys at JS4KIX

SO SWEET, must go to Hawaii soon... LOL

Transformation: Odyssey

this is pure awesome in white form... and yes this is the before... 

These looks like TE37SL too...

the owner seems like she wanted to go bolder, here are a few in progress pics

they know they were going beyond the metal's threshold, so it's cut, peel and add a new piece

and the aftermath...  WOW, love the color she picked out too... and the wheels are awesome...
the wheels are Work Meister S1R with the specs at front 9.5" wide -17 offset and rear with a 10.5 at a -51 offset... no mention on size, but these look like 19s...

the little things to make a overall presentation

Before flying out to California for ToyotaFest this year, I knew about this Matrix out there.  I was a little geeked to see this build for a few reason.  Something about the few images I saw was really subtle but it caught my eye,   I always wanted to see this front bumper first hand, and I wanted to see what he was using for fitment.

check out the plate... 1 of a few dual exhaust setup I have seen, this was very clean and nicely done.  

The wheels are from Work Varianza W4S with the black polish finish.

really dark interior setup, kinda set the mood very well

oh snap, first time I gotten to see a "Personal" steering wheel inside a Matrix

this caught me off guard, check out the texture, it's on the roof liner, I love it...

the contrast of the wood grain panels and the carbon weave fabric was a good touch

his sound system was rocking very well, the sub was not over powering but works as a great filler

engine bay is spot on, with the TRD carbon valve cover.  I remember that was a hot piece to get.

What I really enjoyed was talking to the owner and see his love for his Matrix. It was a great day to hang out with him and our friends.

photos courtesy of

Wagon Life Style Norbori Flag pre order

hey guys,

We keep selling out these flags and the guys that are in the loop keep swiping them up.   So I decided to put a pre-order for those that are wanting to buy them.

So here is the scoop;
-I will take pre-orders till the 29th of June 2012, midnight California time
-These are single sided, but see through. that way you can see the reverse on the other side.
-the size is 23.62" (wide) x 70.87" (height) which translate to 60 x 180 centimeters
-they have straps on 2 sides
-poles and stands  are NOT included
-total cost is $75 USD shipped (US and Canada), but I only need deposit of $45. so after I get them in I will contact you for the rest, unless you already paid in full.
-for international shipping please contact me.
-if you want more than 5, please contact me, I can give you a price break depending how much

reason for the pre-order, is that these are made after I personally order, and it does take some time.  for me to get them in my hand, it is about 3-4 weeks.  so for state side it's going to be about a week after i get the full amount.  so if you are impatient, please don't expect something within 3-4 weeks, I still have to get them.

For those that don't want to pre-order, I will order extra to sell, but they don't sit on my table for more than 6 hours without being claimed.  Which is crazy to me because I haven't announced once about getting them in to the public.

with that said if you are ready to pre-order, please do so here: pre-order page

any questions, please contact me at

I really love transformation

check out this Estima before pics...

sweet right? well check it out now...

besides the color there are some minor changes that I currently see, like the fog/day light driving lights has changed

tinted out the tails, and chrome, and also removing the badges

fitment with the wheels is on point

after seeing this and looking to find the differences, i'm really starting to like this color...

You got CRV'ed

So I found this pic...

...and  had to find more. So I did....

I mean, this is hammered with out being bagged....

good reference to height right. I put that Axela on the FB page the other day

One of his buddies

takes 2 to tango