Sixth Sense RA6 Odyssey at Pride4

I've been hunting for pics of the inside...and I found some...

I understand some people don't like the red/orange combo, it does clash, But I think that's why it's done....Impact style! TV's, center channel's and i-Pad....

Glad to see the rear seat, err, middle seat gone....I would do the same actually...
TV's, TV's and more TV's....come on guys! Let's get going on our audio setups!!!

 25 screens in this pic alone ^^
I thought I'd share these anyway....good to see interior shots of these vans...

another option

here is another decal style I'm working on...  close to the final stages, going to cut see how it looks...  should be able to drop these in the online store at the end of next week


We are just a blip on the map, chasing those that made a path for us to follow.  Those that lead the way, the likes of Fatlace, Speedhunter, Nari Yaro, etc. They made me realized, it doesn't matter where you are, but until the folks out in California, Japan, Western Europe takes notice, we are nothing but a blip on the map.  Reason why I am grateful and excited that not only those counties noticed but also the folks in the rest of Asia, Australia, the rest of Europe and the whole Americas do, but also rocking the decals.  this was never meant to be serious, it was a untapped automotive section in the US that wasn't united as a whole, but with the owners there was love in each one, which is now slowly uniting and spreading around the world.

Thanks for the support, it's always a blast to share what we find either clean and classy or crazy and unreal.  We hope we open your eyes and made your so called box of a world a lot larger, our certainly is, that or we broke ours because we can't find the barrier no more.  

It does not look like anything is stopping us, so we shall still bring you guys some SWEET contents.  By the way, if you are not on our Facebook page, please do, we try our best to post a few things daily.  Wagon LifeStyle FaceBook

randomly we do get asked, " where can we get decals?" follow this link, we do ship world wide

talk about a low stream

check this Honda Stream... actually, check this out, 

if you are wondering, yes that is a cigarette pack that the owner cannot squeeze under the exhaust pipe.  YES, cannot squeeze under it... O_O  WOW...

here are some pics of this wagon...

he is rolling on a decent stiff setup of coilovers, rating on the coils are at 12kg  front and 10kg rear


mental note... must out do this pose... =D

another evo

another Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX... but it's a wagon that the North Americans got denied of getting.  I thought this was sold only in the Japanese market, but looks like at least 1 got pass and darted to Thailand.  I always enjoy the Evolutions in all generations, something about them is a head turner with the power and styling.   Now seeing it in a wagon format, makes me drool even more...  before I drown my keyboard of my drool, here are the pics from Flatmotion..

Here are some specs to this beauty...

4g64 2.5L Stroker Kit
HKS Valcon Camshaft
Full modified intake and exhaust port with titanium valve and spring
full titanium exhaust piping
HKS Kansai RAM air
HKS Fuel Rail
2000CC injectors   --- Wait what??  O_O

Tein Circuit Master with EDFC

I was told that this setup allows him to hit  612 PS (about 603 HP) on 2.6 bars of boost (about 37.7 lbs)

this allows it to hit a 10.998 seconds in a 1/4 mile... that is a quick wagon...

Impact style SMX

So I saw the above pic and needed to know more. So I started digging around. FOund some old pics of this SMX....pretty awesome

incredible fender work. orange on the wheels really pops

But then.....  O.o. wth is going on here?!

New paint job

quite colorful. stance is still wild...

Possible Pride4 was the debut

rolls as low as it sits...SICK!!! But what's with the fender? I first thought hinges and shocks for the vert doors.....

...Fender houses two mufflers....

 funny pic.....til next time I guess....what a cool SMX!

Using that Sixth Sense

Well it seems this girl got busy with her Rumion...I thought it looked really good like this...

But the tails needed some freshening up to look more like a Scion light

And the headlights....a little Audi Q5 inspiration. This idea of logo's on the projecter lense is a cool thought...

And Sixth Sense did the work on the body too. Joule Vellfire with custom splitter

Peep the sidemarkers on the fender and sides of the rear bumper. Sideskirts from Joule Prius with one off side steps...

This kit hangs low! Joule Vellfire parts, splitter is custom

Now this is pretty good work. Great looking airtank mount.

rememeber those sidemarkers? How about the side mirrors!!!!!

This is really cool lit up...
I really like the artistry put into these cars. Do we lack this creativity in the states? Maybe. That's why I post it.....Jim

Pride Odyssey's

Hands down my favorite of the set I found. great color combo and LED work
 This car has me thinking about colored tint
 Another shot of the not so seeminly low Ody....

I Still dig creative exhaust work. Ti to boot!

Nice touch with the Porsche markers
 The once definitive Mark X exhaust tips.....seems so subtle now...this car has a snakeskin wrapped mid wing and hood....
 We all know this one by now...

Pride Pt.1

I found some pics from Pride, an all Odyssey show.....I have more so don't fret....

This guy must be static. It's not that low considering what we know about RB Odyssey's

Great audio work

I dig the extensions off the vents with the LED's installed.

 Good example of leaving no part untouched. Even I droped a Scionpro sticker on the inside of my gas door

Beautiful work on this hood

Stagea drifting

fun video

can't believe this is for sale

while we were getting to the end of the line of rolling in we caught this in line.

walked around and this was on the end of the row.  the bright red color surely pop that day.

really like the mirrors on the fenders

really clean setup

and my 2nd trip to California, I thought I won't see any type of surf boards, glad I was wrong...

OH, and it's for sale for 9,300 OBO...