the little things to make a overall presentation

Before flying out to California for ToyotaFest this year, I knew about this Matrix out there.  I was a little geeked to see this build for a few reason.  Something about the few images I saw was really subtle but it caught my eye,   I always wanted to see this front bumper first hand, and I wanted to see what he was using for fitment.

check out the plate... 1 of a few dual exhaust setup I have seen, this was very clean and nicely done.  

The wheels are from Work Varianza W4S with the black polish finish.

really dark interior setup, kinda set the mood very well

oh snap, first time I gotten to see a "Personal" steering wheel inside a Matrix

this caught me off guard, check out the texture, it's on the roof liner, I love it...

the contrast of the wood grain panels and the carbon weave fabric was a good touch

his sound system was rocking very well, the sub was not over powering but works as a great filler

engine bay is spot on, with the TRD carbon valve cover.  I remember that was a hot piece to get.

What I really enjoyed was talking to the owner and see his love for his Matrix. It was a great day to hang out with him and our friends.

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