something is different on this Estima

check out this Estima (Previa) burning out... yes...

here is a video that goes with that shot...

and a parking lot pimping shot...

Facebook Fan send us this photo of him and the owner... SWEET!!!  Thanks Travis Harada

i remember this guy

I was browsing the AirSociety forum and saw this 2nd Gen xB, and my mind kicked in.  It was the one that rolled in to the WekFest Chicago event last summer.

there are some changes that I really enjoy... check it...

I really enjoy fitments like this...

the white is an AWESOME accent color

TOMMYKAIRA Studios Prius C aka Aqua

check out how beefy TommyKaira made the Prius C aka Aqua...

folks are calling this style oem plus

or OEM+, basically when the owners up grade the car with a higher grade car like this Golf Touran rolling on Porsche wheels.  I have been looking for this style of Porsche wheels in a while to, looks DARN good.

just breath taken

check out this video..
170,000 miles in 4 years might not seem like an outrageous amount for today's standards but in a 1964 Corvair van it is a downright astonishing amount. John Jackson, of NotStock Photography, travels across the entire country in search of cool hot rods and bikes to shoot and averages around 60,000 miles a year. Topping out at 60mph and with no A/C it is inspiring to see one living his dreams and passion year after year.


Where my NCP owners at!!!

This one from ACG 2012

 A more notable build from a couple years ago. Might still be around. I especially like the bodykit as I own it too.

 Don't see many AWD bB's...guess how I know it's AWD...
Ahh, the NY option lip and grill from Modellista and some SSR rims. Great combo

CAL Soundlabs ZVW30 Prius

I put up a pic on the FB page of the trunk
 My ideal setup for one right here

Spotted again at ACG. really nice works guys!

Audio at ACG Japan

Creative audio setups at ACG 2012
 yea, wouldn't be a show without the rain. oh the irony...

dudes umbrella broke from all that audio work?
 with Japan's work with LED's. I know this is only half the story

 Case in point
 I like green and it's weird to see interiors done in this's so bright

WagonR at ACG Japan

These shades of brown are really looking good.
It's unusual to see a WagonR without -10 camber. But this setup is smooth
I'd like to see this one lit up