big GREEN machine...

Cars from Hawaii is sure a different breed.  I need to take a trip out there, not only to site see but to check out some shops and cars.  I saw this a few weeks back and literally put it on blast on the FaceBook Fan Page.  Got a great response back and relay it back to the owner.

Wondering what am I talking about?  a boxy heavy looking Honda Element on custom air suspension. He can lay on the frame!!! and it's the all wheel drive with a 5 speed

I told him when I saw these pics, the 19's AME Shallen AX looks HUGE, but works oh so well

the specs of the wheels are:
Front -- 19 x9 Falkens 215/35/19
Rear -- 19 x 10 Falkens 245/35/19

the paint is the stock Honda green, but to spice it up they added some gold into the painting process, sure toss it off very well with the jet black 2 tone.

LOVE those wheels, something that is out the normal thoughts from an Element owner.

I was told there will be more shots coming my way once the interior is complete stage.  I am really super excited for it because I am wondering how he has his air setup.  He is running 3 - 5 gallon air tank along with  2 of each Viair 480 and 400 compressors. 

he got some shout outs to:
-Garage JS4KIX Honolulu Hawaii
-Affiliated Auto Works
-Rogue Three Industries
-LaidOut LifeStyle
Special thanks to Gary G., Thomas S. and the boys at JS4KIX

SO SWEET, must go to Hawaii soon... LOL