Itasha under the city lights of Akiba

this is from  if you have not seen this site, do so...

check the plate

really like how creative folks get with their plates...

2010 Wolfsgruppe Vag Event full video

some great vehicles...

VAG EVENT 2010 - full length from Loniek on Vimeo.


this has to be one of the cleanest/simplest  modded one so far

sweet Alliance Accord Wagon from Japan

this is VERY NICE SETUP...

Alliance crew in Japan

WekFest Chicago 2011

Well for those that are around and are planning to attend, I got approved last night and going to be there with my little wagon on August 20th... =D  should have my bag with me so stop by and say hi!!

video from Wolfsgruppe, MIVW 2010

if you guys been following me, I love all type of cars, and all brand of wagons.  If pictures are worth a 1000 words, I forgot how many are for videos.  

check it this was from the 4 minute point.. I want one, lol..

I want to see the outcome of this


seems like they are on the drag strip, I would love to see how it did against the R8


saw this Datsun 120y Wagon on


one of the finest cruisers

saw this Xb while I was at Toyota Fest like this

and recently while surfing the web, I stumble on "the Chronicles"  and saw that the wheels got worked on by which I have been wanting to send some stuff out to them...

more images from the site...


for some reason the last template I was using gave out...  give me a few days to rework this...  i kinda like that setup...

not your normal WRX wagon

was at a local meet in WI at the Brat Shop this past weekend and saw this WRX wagon.  I enjoy the whole feel of the car, and the little subtle things

** got corrected by one of my friend... it's a WRX, there are some features that are missing from  the STI... **

 hmmm wood grain pattern...

 mmmm... FRESHNESS

white wagon

this is a really clean setup for an accord wagon that I found from check them out..


decals still available =D


If you are outside of North America please contact me, I can arrange delivery for you.
email at

few pics of them installed...

I just lost of words... HOLY!!!

check this Sixth Sense Alphard's headlight... HOLY...
** images from Custom Car

 ABSOLUTELY LOVE the glow on this...

great combo

Gotta love the color combo here on this Odyssey...  and fitment is on point!!!

june and July issues are out

latest issues are available from Session USA 1 ( blog post ) about getting your own issue if you don't have access to the nearest Japanese book store.

here is their contact: 

Style Wagon June Issue


Wagonist, July Issue

Style Wagon Club July Issue

Style Wagon Club June issue