More pics form DSU. Hard to believe how extreme a daily( for Japan) can be. I mean, check the intercooler on the Suzuki Lapin!! Enjoy...

SWEET Toyota Harrier

I was checking out the Dzeus VIP forum and saw this posted... pure SWEETNESS...

WekFest Chicago 2011 wagon coverage...

What an event, can not believe the guys from New York, New Jersey, Iowa, etc came out for this event.  Some drove and arrive the night before and headed back home the night the show ended.  Got to give thanks to the sponsors that were out of town like Canibeat, AirRunner, Wek Sos and Fatlace.  

on to the pictures?  sure... 

 Rolling in...

 Imported Honda Accord Wagon 4wd... pure AWESOME!!!

more pictures from me here... WekFest Chicago Album

piss off Suzuki Wagon R

CHECK out this exhaust...

GETTING READY for Wek Fest Chicago

As I'm typing this, I'm taking a break from my design time for a few graphics elements for my car.  I know there are folks that are doing final touches, fixing the little things, cleaning a few parts, etc... It's getting to the wire, some folks I know are a bit nervous (first LARGE event), but I am glad that they are showing, their cars are well worth it.

found out tonight 2 of my close guys out here are showing with "SupaStars" crew that has 3 xBs, 1 xA and an Odyssey.  Can't wait to see these guys together.

oh if you see me, don't be shy and say hi, I'll have this bag with me...

see you guys there, and this should be a BLAST!!! 

AirRunner News

well this got release yesterday by ACC's Newsletter site.  If you don't know ACC, they are basically the ones that runs Air Runners.  (well at least from my understanding)

they created this beast

Well I am GEEK because the recent news is that they are creating applications for the USDM full size wagons. O_O   Talking about the 2011 Honday Odyssey, Nissan Quest, Toyota Sienna, Volkswagen Routan and Dodge Grand Caravan. 

From the letter the applications will be custom to fit the vehicles so there is no to little lost of cargo space.  

mmm pink

a little extreme

for small wagons, some owners really pack in the punch with the mods.

Sept. 2011 Wagonist, with Gift...

Sept. 2011 Wagonist

 Free Bag...

Recent wagon meet

Shuttle love

These are some of the most well thought out Ist's ( xA's or "Shuttle's) from a recent show.