well earlier this week, I got one of my guys to take may wagon in for alignment... not to get it to oem spec but to push it a bit so the rear can tuck a bit....  told him "what ever you think is right... i trust you...." 

OMG....  if you can't read it... it was from a -1.32 ad -1.53 to -3.44 and -3.46,  O_O... that is about 1.9 degees of camber added... HAHAHAHA but i found out i can go all the way to -3.8, SWEET.

pics of my car in a few weeks, been staying up late and getting other things done which is slowing me down on updating pics of my wagon.

CRAVE Vellfire

From my guy Alvin from (check them out!!!)

CRAVE ( ) is getting well known for modifying wagons from the full size to the k-cars, from crazy full size grills with clean but aggressive body kits.  Also the stance on these wagons they set up is just insanely clean, just like this Vellfire....  WOOT!!!!

Thailand: Mitsubishi Space Wagon aka Grandis

this is a seven seat MPV built by Mitsubishi Motors to replace its Chariot/Space Wagon/Nimbus line.

this one is from a user name of BirdPhone, great setup.... and big up to SpaceWagon Club in Thailand

first set is him sitting on a set of Walds Aufzahlen

I need to find a dragon to shoot with here in Chicago....

2nd set is on Mode Parfume wheels

Local Previa...

modifying a car can get head to turn when it's rolling by... but when you see a van that some rode in when they were kids... there is something to be said...

this is one of my guy's car, it's a SuperCharged Toyota Previa... and i LOL every time i see it, not because it's funny, because of the fact that it just looks SICK the way it is.....

talk about Swagger Wagon....

Photoshop is our friend... and DAYAM!!!!!!