Wagon Life Style Norbori Flag pre order

hey guys,

We keep selling out these flags and the guys that are in the loop keep swiping them up.   So I decided to put a pre-order for those that are wanting to buy them.

So here is the scoop;
-I will take pre-orders till the 29th of June 2012, midnight California time
-These are single sided, but see through. that way you can see the reverse on the other side.
-the size is 23.62" (wide) x 70.87" (height) which translate to 60 x 180 centimeters
-they have straps on 2 sides
-poles and stands  are NOT included
-total cost is $75 USD shipped (US and Canada), but I only need deposit of $45. so after I get them in I will contact you for the rest, unless you already paid in full.
-for international shipping please contact me.
-if you want more than 5, please contact me, I can give you a price break depending how much

reason for the pre-order, is that these are made after I personally order, and it does take some time.  for me to get them in my hand, it is about 3-4 weeks.  so for state side it's going to be about a week after i get the full amount.  so if you are impatient, please don't expect something within 3-4 weeks, I still have to get them.

For those that don't want to pre-order, I will order extra to sell, but they don't sit on my table for more than 6 hours without being claimed.  Which is crazy to me because I haven't announced once about getting them in to the public.

with that said if you are ready to pre-order, please do so here: pre-order page

any questions, please contact me at