WekFest East, Wagon edition

little behind the 8 ball lately, but having issues with the car and holiday didn't help either.  WekFest NJ was one of the most jammed pack event I have ever shown my car in,  so WFSF is still the craziest to be in person.

Thanks to our buddy Raymond for snapping up these pictures and letting us use them.

Flags flying high...

Few of Team NST showed up with us. 

3 local Scion guys also rolled in with us

These 2, the Odyssey and Previa got some crazy loving by the crowds

Fit rolled in with me from Chicago

Thanks to Nick from SeenIt, he picked up my Matrix at the hotel with the trailer that he had.  don't ask why....  

one of the sweetest builds I have seen with the 2nd gen Xb, crazy part, he already parted it out.

got 2nd place Toyota/Scion... what a hard class to win in this time around

Great guy with a sweet setup, glad to see him and his Previa again.

1-2 combo...  

onto a few wagons that wasn't with us....
Team Emotion XB... great build and that team have some quality builds

This is CLEAN... really enjoy the 1 piece grill eye brow

There was more wagons around, but with my issues and crowds starting to come in we lost our chances.  overall it was a GREAT event with some awesome guys show under 1 flag...