one of Thailand's Estima

While starting this page out, I started to surf the web for the car scene out in Thailand and Japan, not from our regular sources, but the pages that are run by them and for them.  Back then I was surfing for the VIP scene to help my friends out with some ideas and toss things that they never seen before.  While doing so I got in contact with with an owner of a Honda Jazz (Fit to the states) and we start with a few posts here and there, with me sharing what my friends and I were doing on their sites.

With this new connection and this page growing I shared my page to him while they launched WagonStyle Thailand.  I'm a HUGE supporter of them here in the states, I actually rock the decal on my rear hatch, and not only him but his crew rock out my decals too... SWEET!!... 

I really enjoy the fitment he has...

here is a few current specs... 
- Install ACC Bomber air suspension
- Install Luxury aeropart kit ( Same as D.A.D ) from JAPAN
- Change wheel to > AME MX 19" Chrome F.9" +25 with camber -2.5 / R.10" +15 with camber -7.5
- Change Engine to > 2TZ-FZE ( supercharge )
- Change Front & Rear light set to > TCR21W Japan spec. *special D.I.Y LED Tail lamp