one make, one model, but endless of style...

if you are active among your area with the car scene, some times there is a group of cars that are overly popular.  bunch of times they start looking a like and very few stand apart.  well it's the same way with this generation of the Honda Odyssey (RB chassis) from a recent event in Japan.

check out the 2 step LED setup on each side bumper hole opening

similar setup as above, but notice how the side bumper opening is wider at the base

matte black center, but also notice how the fender vent lines goes onto the doors

with a gloss setup down the center, but with less vents but the owner kept the oem grill and black that out.  

I really enjoy this front end a lot in terms of keeping the lines simple and classy.  

This is a very deep color, but as you can see the calipers really pop by using some contrast.
one of my favorite in terms of extreme, in both color and camber.  but you noticed the body lines are fairly simple so the 1 main extreme point is really noticeable.

any red to me is bold color, and you can see the wheels are really simple design wise, but the camber and amount of lip makes the setup extreme for some.

there is nice low offset wheels and the little fender work is a sign of that, but what got me is the front bumper, there seems to be 3 LED pods under each headlights on top of the lower grill.  I want to see this light up now.

really love the silver/chrome accent that goes from the front bumper vent holes to the sides.  and looks like he did a LS600H LED projector swap.  no crazy camber, or major fender works and still overall a great build.

talk about color combo, the wheels sure pops specially at this angle.  and the fitment is basically spot on too.  one thing about lip wheels, specially step lip like this setup, the face of the wheels tends to look smaller, but because he brighten up the lip the size impact is still there.. if he did a darker lip color, visually the wheels would look smaller

this is an L-Tide edition and the front bumper looks AMAZING along with the grill.  I need to find some night shots, because from what I remember those white panels lights up.

if you want to be subtle but yet be different, study this one here.  check out the fog pods here, and then scroll up and down this... looks oem right?  the wheel fitment is sweet too, it shows how wide he gotten  with fender work that isn't extreme but when compare to a stock on, it stands out.

not extreme with the camber but I really like that rear fitment from this angle.  wish the front was the same thought but we can't be picky.