as folks that works one their cars we all go through changes.  either it's a quick evolution or slight changes throughout the years.  I got to love it when i find someone's pics and with out read trying to find out what they did, and why they posted the image.  Check this owner out.  

ok yeah this is the base we are starting off with,  heavily modified already.  I really like the grill.

 side profile shot, same time period as the first pic.

So check out what he changed, hood color, and front bumper with the LEDs and different fog lamps.  Oh check out the wheels too.

nothing too big besides the hood color this time around.  From the next picture looks like the roof is painted too.

face of the wheels changed too

here is the eye popper, from black to white, and the light gold looks more rich with a bit more bronze feel too it this time around.  also check out the front bumper, you see more details than with the black.

slight changes again, check the front bumper, there are 2 cut outs under the grill now and the slits that were in front of the wheel