Junction Produce Estima at TORC

I bet a bunch have seen this Estima around, I know it was located in California but never seen it in person, until this past weekend.   When I saw him rolled in, I had my gear in my friend's Matrix and had to rushed  to pull off some moving shots..  Wish I met the owner but didn't find him personally after he staged.

so SMOOTH!!!

wondering if the projectors are from the Q45 or JP themselves
Correction, from the owner the projectors are from a Q45

hello Kitty.. snap and wood floors too 

That table was HUGE in person... and if you look a bit closer, on the bottom of the A-Pillar, 2 speaker pods, looks like for the highs and mids for a 3 speaker components
The VIP table is from Garson D.A.D. which he flipped and made to work on a USDM model... 

what a trip, so far, been to california twice this year, and seen 3 Estimas and all had their own styling...  PURE SWEET!!