from VIP style to Sporty...

So I placed an order on a base 2012 Honda Insight several weeks back, ever since then I have been checking parts out left and right, waiting for it to arrive. OH, and this is suppose to be my daily, in stock form...

I remember one of my buddies that had it for a short time till he change his mind and wanted to save money with 1 less car.  Thanks to him I got some sort of appreciation towards the Insight itself.  Funny part I was just looking for a cheap wagon style car to haul some wheels and parts for my Matrix.  I was looking at the Cube, Fit and the Yaris ( Vitz).  Had ok feeling with these till I saw the hatch open on the Insight.  Never realized prices were for this size of a car, compare to the other 3 was looking at.  So after all said and done, I bit the bullet and went for it, for a non modified daily. (RIGHT)

anyways, I saw this couple of years back when my friend had his insight, it has a STRONG VIP style

now... there is a 5lug conversion and the wheel fender is now wider, with a sporty feel to it.

this was at 2011 SEMA at the AIRREX booth, which was driven all the way from NORCAL...

from a recent IMPRM X WEKSOS Toy Drive this past December 10th

BTW check out ... great site with content from the west coast

and Original JDMego posted this up from Strictly Bidness on his FB page

Check out these through the windows

SO SEXY!!!  I just can't wait now and I am glad I grabbed White, going to do a few things to make it stand apart from the stock Insights around, 1 is a true 5 lug conversion and of course wheels and a few goodies from Japan.