in the suit of perfection

Gotta say not everyday that I stop eating dinner and drool over a car build.  um, ok i'm lying a bit, it's about once a week, but tonight I forgot to eat and my dinner got freshly cold. Doesn't help that it's a bit cold out here in Chicago.  Onto this post...

I know everyone in the automotive world keep hearing cars being built where if you do see it, they are in some sort of mess. Leaving yourself wondering when it's going to be "completed" (I know most that are like me, this car modifying world, nothing is complete).  This one Odyssey is one example, check out this transformation...

Started off at 1997 Honda Odyssey

Got Garson front and Garson Premium Grille fitted...

test fitting 20x8.5 and 20x9.5 MRR HR3 Diamond Cut Finish Wheels

Wait WHAT!!... LS460 tips?

Custom interior... I LOVE the steering wheel...

HOT DAYAM... Air Runner

almost there...

whoa whoa whoa wait what??? he imported this??  WOW..

stripped, and getting for the final paint job...

he didn't mess around by replacing every bolt on the van with stainless steel ones because he found out the factory washers were the culprit of the corrosion.

WOW... I really dig the seats...

onto the final setup... At WekFest Dallas 2011
at SEMA 2011

oh, it's so SWEET, that this won Best Import in the WekFest Texas... Congrats...

Even with winning this, they are still going to tweak it some more, it's going to be one SWEET ride.

here is the mod list:

1997 Honda Odyssey Modifications – 2011

Full Sponsors 2011:
Ambitions Paint & Body
Odyssey Battery
Second Skin Audio
Max Plus Vinyl
Underground Graphics
Air Runner Suspension

- Custom Diamond White Pearl Paint
- JDM Garson LX 8-piece Aero Kit
- Custom Lexus LS460 Dual Exhaust Conversion
- JDM Garson Crystal Fog Lights
- JDM Garson LX Billet Front Grill
- JDM RA6 Tail Gate Conversion
- JDM LX Crystal Headlights
- JDM LX Crystal/Red Tail Lights
- 6000K Xenon HID Kit
- JDM LX LED Side Mirrors
- Shaved Antenna
- Shaved Rear Wiper
- Shaved Door Moldings
- Shaved Emblems
- JDM Garson Swarovski Rear Emblem
- New Honda Roof Rails, Window Seals, Weatherstrips

- Custom Black Leather / Alcantara Seats
- Custom Black Leather / Alcantara Headliner
- Custom Black Leather / Door Panels
- JDM G-Square Chrome Gauge Cluster
- JDM Italvolanti Black Leather/Wood Steering Wheel
- JDM RA Wood Shift Knob
- Custom Checkered Floor Carpet
- Custom Checkered Floor Mats
- Custom Garson Vega Dash Mat
- LayLight LED Pillar Lights
- JDM Garson Luxury Velvet Frill Curtains
- JDM Garson Luxury Vega Neck Pads
- JDM Garson Luxury Vega Rear View Mirror
- JDM Garson Luxury Vega Cushions
- JDM Garson Luxury Vega Ceiling Handles
- Custom Center Console
- JDM Honda Access Meter Panel
- JDM Honda Access Lighting
- LED Interior Bulbs

- 20x8.5 / 20x9.5 MRR HR3 Diamond Cut Finish Wheels
- Nankang NSII Tires
- JDM Air Runner "Flagship" Air Suspension
- 2x Viair 380C Chrome Air Compressors
- 4 Gallon Chromed Aluminum Air Tank
- Energy Suspension Bushings
- Cusco Rear Adjustable Camber Arms
- Cusco Rear Toe Adjustable Arms
- Acura RL Dual-Piston Brake Conversion
- Calipers Custom Powdercoated Teal
- Powerslot Front Slotted & Drilled Rotors
- Powerslot Rear Slotted & Drilled Rotors
- Powerslot Stainless Brake Lines

- 4-2-1 Stainless Header
- Polished Short Ram Intake
- ASM Voltage Stabilizer
- Custom Exhaust
- Odyssey Battery
- Odyssey Billet Battery Tray
- Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
- Mishimoto Aluminum Fan Shroud
- Mishimoto Electric Slim Fans
- Mishimoto Silicone Radiator Hose set
- Custom Radiator Brackets
- Powdercoated Silver Valve Cover
- Password JDM Billet Dressup Washers

- Pioneer Headunit
- Infinity Reference Components
- Kicker L5 Solobaric Subs
- 400x1 / 400x4 Amps
- Custom Box / Matched to Interior
- Custom LED "Infinity Mirror" in sub box
- Second Skin Interior Sound Barrier mat
- Second Skin Interior Luxury Liner Sound Barrie
- Second Skin Speaker Enhancement Kit
- Second Skin Underbody Coating