Japanese Magazines...

so you can't get access StyleWagon, StyleWagon Club, Wagonist or other magazines from Japan?  I know a few readers have ask and I tried my best to lead them to the nearest place that has it.  ALOT of times it means a crazy drive out just for one... 

Well I found out there is a person that can get the magazines, on actually release times from Japan. 

here is what he wrote back to me:

i can get Style Wagon, Style Wagon Club and Wagonist. ok the more they order the cheaper they will get. but if they order just one with in the USA it will about $20.00 shipped. i will give you price if they want 2 or 3 mags. i can even do a year subscription too. ok right now im order april for vip style and vip car and it will be here on the 28th of february. 

DUE DATE: Payment must be received by the 15th of every month for the upcoming month's magazine (example: feb 15th due date for the april magazines)

if you can act now with your readers i will get you the Style Wagon, Style Wagon Club or Wagonist. but it need to paid with in the day or two. if not my order from japan will ship in next day or two.

paypal email is:

and when they now them on the note part ask them to write if it's Style Wagon, Style Wagon Club or Wagonist.


let me know if there is any INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING 

here is a link to VIPStyle Car site where they are doing the VIP Car and VIP style Mag.

take care guys hope this help out your cravings...  =D