wagon lifestyle decal

hey guys,

I been finding out that folks are wondering where to get the decal.  I currently have no more but will be making some more.  But what I i'm thinking of doing is pre-order till i get some more vinyl, and I'll cut extra and post it on the bigcartel site hoping by june 1st.

what it would be is $5 (North America) for 2 decals, that is at 8" wide x 2.5" tall, I hope that is reasonable for you guys, it's just something I do on my free time.  ( as you can from the lack of updates since toyotafest, I been working too many hours at work) .  I'm thinking of having other color options for the lifestyle, like blue, and yellow.

as for other designs, I haven't had time to mess with anything new, but when I do, I will update you guys.

if you want to pre-order, wanting to see if I can get you other colors, or are outside the North America, please send me an email to 

thanks again for you support, if it wasn't for the positive response I get, I would not continue on with this blog...