VW Microbus coming back?

YEAH, I'm on a euro cars binge lately...

Found this while surfing Kilometer Magazine, I always enjoy the VW Microbus specially what folks are doing with the few that are on the roads.
here is what Kilometer Magazine has to say,

In Germany, Bulli is the common nickname for the original Microbus and as you can see, this concept was obviously built in the same spirit. With two-tone paint, upright styling and loads of other retro touches, VW set out to create something with a nod to the past, but with the latest in technology and economy, with touches like a fully-iPad-driven infotainment system, an all-electric drivetrain capable of a 186-mile range, and our personal favorite sound system, one developed by Fender for Volkswagen.

We know what you're thinking - we've been down this road before and VW is teasing us once again. Well, maybe... Volkswagen Group of America CEO Jonathan Browning says this is something they would like to build and actually has far more potential for production since it could be based on existing transverse components available in North America. If it does get built, it would be positioned against the Mazda 5 and Ford C-Max, but obviously in a bit more emotional package. They will be watching feedback carefully, so let your opinion be known in the discussion forum link at the end of this article.

hope it does come to reality, would be interesting to see the Euro community do with this. Images from