Vellfire with Wings

how's everybody doing?  sorry for the lack of posts, been terribly busy with work.  Check my hours for this pay coming this week, I had nearly 40 extra hours,  clocking nearly 120 hours.  my close friends are saying that is insane, but you know what, it's cash that I can use for my trip and car.

anyways check out this Vellfire, was posted on the site.  if you haven't seen check them out yet, please do. they are great guys and are exposing what is going on in the Malaysian scene.

on to the pics...

click on this one... trust me and wait for it..  

I absolutely LOVE how the rims just tuck in like that.

 love the accent dash treatment, got of taken a long time to put those down bead by bead.

 ok, now there are 3 ipod nanos right?  i know i'm tired but DAYAM